Teaching the most effective verbal & physical restraint strategies for over 30 years

Reduction in number of restraints & injuries

Our trainings are a result of over 25 years of continuous research, development and our proprietary
physical holding method, the Primary Restraint Technique(PRT)®, is the only physical technique of any
kind that has ever been granted patent protection.

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"De-escalation strategies have always been something our staff are trained in, but tagging that with HWC makes a lot of sense. I also am no longer afraid of children's behavior because of this training. I have the confidence that I will know how to handle a situation when before the training, it was a little unclear."
Special Educator, Elementary & Middle School (VT)
"Since implementing HWC, our company is much better informed with handling all of our issues. I believe our biggest takeaway from HWC is the verbal talk down. I would highly recommend your training system HWC to all of our partners in the health care system."
Anthony G.
Director, Catch, Inc. Community Behavioral Health & DD
"I recommend HWC because it is effective, and considers the student's emotional and physical well-being."
Sarah M.
Social Worker, Livingston Parish Public Schools